Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We Now Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Navel-Gazing...

...for an unpaid political announcement. I cannot believe that Ralph Nader is running. I don't mind, in fact I am delighted, because my cynicism at this point is enormous. I can't get excited about any of the candidates for president. I don't really believe in political solutions to the cultural problems that most worry me, and I don't think I'm qualified to identify the best solutions to economic problems. So for me the spectacle of Ralph Nader returning and the chorus of forehead-slaps is amusing. Does anyone remember the Roz Chast "Thank-You Cards to Ralph Nader" that ran in the New Yorker in December of 2000?

What is your problem?
Why did you run?
If it weren't for you
Gore would have won.
Nice work, fella.

There's no doubt about it
Your brain is first-rate
Too bad that this wasn't
A high school debate.
Hope you're happy now, twit.

and my favorite:

When everyone can buy a gun
Without too much ado
A few will say, "who paved the way?"
And I will think of you.
Way to go, pal.

Most blogs don't feel obligated to follow the equal time rule, but I have a unique opportunity to do so here. When I shared my amusement with my father yesterday, and my mother and I were giggling over these greeting card verses, he reacted rather badly. My father feels that Nader is the only candidate talking seriously about our imminent economic disaster. He says that polls revealed that most Nader voters in 2000 would have voted for Bush or stayed home rather than voting for Gore. And he says, and I think I quote, "I love Ralph Nader. I voted for him twice and I'm voting for him again."

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