Friday, November 30, 2007

Easing Back In

Paris was great, thanks for asking. I may write about it later, but I'm still getting back into the swing of laundry, meals, etc.

I have found time to read Jacob Clifton's recap of the most recent Friday Night Lights episode. The same Jacob Clifton who recaps Gossip Girl. He's really good, people. Television Without Pity is uniformly entertaining, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, sometimes even food for thought. But what Clifton is doing is Good Writing. When I read his GG recaps, I keep thinking about what Vera Charles says in Auntie Mame: "I'll never forget what Brooks Atkinson said about that costume. Why, it lifted that turkey right up into a class with Shakespeare!" Now, I know Vera was referring to the costume, but since she had a little pronoun issue, I'm going to pretend she was talking about Atkinson's review. Clifton lifts GG up into a class with...well, with Friday Night Lights at the very least. And he lifts Friday Night Lights up, too, but I'm not going to construct a whole TV drama aesthetic hierarchy for you...I want you to go read his work.

Until my writing brain works again,

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Allison Slater Tate said...

Many writers over at TWOP leave me cracking up. You have to read Sarah Bunting's recaps of The Bachelor. Even if you don't watch The Bachelor (and I hope you don't), you will be spitting water.