Thursday, September 13, 2007

Two Brief Notes on the Bizarreness of Life

  • At the grocery store today this product happened to catch my eye. The link mentions that you need a medium onion to complete the onion soup project, but I couldn't resist picking up the box, which also specifies 8 cups of water. What's inside the box? Authentically French-tasting chemical powder, presumably. The fact that the box was on the "50% off why did we ever carry this item?" rack restored my faith in human nature somewhat.
  • M.'s homework on Tuesday was a picture of children playing on a playground; she was supposed to color in the children who were breaking playground rules. She colored in quite a few obvious malefactors, such as a boy standing on the slide. Today the worksheet came home "corrected," with several additional children circled. Apparently virtually everyone depicted on the playground was misbehaving, including a girl who was hanging upside down by her knees from the jungle gym. Now, I was never brave enough to perform this feat myself; but I always thought that was just the sort of thing one was expected to do on the jungle gym.

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