Sunday, March 04, 2007

Spinach Feta Pizza

Spinach Feta Pizza, originally uploaded by MomVee.

I think this is some of the best pizza I've ever made. In terms of my original recipes, the monterey jack/black bean/mango is probably the best, but I haven't made that since I got my beloved new pizza stone. And, incidentally, my beloved new camera. Notice how this picture is not blurry? Nice, huh?

Make a whole wheat pizza crust with a cup of whole wheat flour, 2 cups of white flour, a splash of olive oil, a teaspoon of salt, a scant cup of water, and a packet (2.25 tsp) of yeast. After it rises, split the dough in two and roll out two pizza crusts. While it's rising, shred 8 ounces of feta cheese and 8 ounces of supermarket brand swiss cheese together. Defrost a 10 oz package of chopped spinach and press out the water. Mix with a drained can of chopped tomatoes, a quarter cup of olive oil, a few cloves of crushed garlic, and a dash of balsamic vinegar.

Place your crusts on your preheated pizza pan(s) or stone(s) and top with cheese mixture followed by spinach mixture. Bake for 15 minutes at 450 degrees. Die happy.

P.S. Sundays are not part of Lent. Bet you didn't know that. No, I'm totally serious.

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