Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome to my (currently) 33 things

Ergo's Lhea J. Love made me aware of 43 Things, so I'm trying it out. My list of goals is in the right-hand sidebar, and I just realized I need to add a goal: "Learn how to add things to blogger template that show up in places other than the right-hand sidebar." Actually, a good thing to add would be "Learn HTML," because my secret goal is to take over the website for the kids' school when my term as Recording secretary comes to an end this year...hey, there's another goal!

I can see what they mean about constantly updating and reevaluating your list.

Anyway, I also really need to check back in with my fitness blog, since the deadline for The Reunions Project is approaching. There's another goal, "Look hotter by Reunions," although that's really wrapped into "Lose 15 pounds," "tone arms," and "get a flat stomach." Which should perhaps be "flatter stomach," if we're being realistic at all.

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ergo said...

I've been pondering the 43 things. Can't quite bring myself to do it yet. One of these months...