Thursday, June 22, 2006

Daily Cash Hemorrhage

I subscribed to Daily Candy. I know, that was my first mistake. I really can't explain it now, except that sometimes they recommend something that doesn't exactly cost money, or gives me an idea for using something I already have, or doing something...

Then today Daily Candy Kids recommends something called the Banzai Falls Mega Racer. It's a backyard waterslide. My feeling is, if it's nice enough outside to get wet in the back yard, go to the beach. There are mothers around here who do the sprinkler or slip-and-slide thing on the principle that they have to get things done around the house sometimes. But I never really understood how they get things done around the house while their children are coming in and out the back door covered with mud and wet grass every five seconds, screaming "Mommy! Billy flew right off the end of the slip-and-slide onto the edge of the patio and five of his teeth fell out!"

At any rate! I decided to check out this Banzai Falls item just to see how awfully cool it was. Perhaps it would be a good gift for one of these other families...

It costs $399. That's $400 for you realists out there. Plus, presumably, some serious shipping and handling, and probably tax.

$400. For $400 you can join many pool clubs for the entire summer. Perhaps even one and a half pool clubs, or more. For $400 you can go to three weeks of cheap basketball camp, or one week of expensive squash camp. Two weeks of resident scout camp. Four flower girl dresses (you can tell I'm thumbing mentally through my recent expenditures). Three bridesmaid dresses. A monthly train pass and a fistful of Metrocards.

I don't know how to sum this up, except to say $400.

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