Friday, February 10, 2006


I'm not really inspired to post again, but I didn't want to leave that last, sad one hanging at the top anymore.

What's new here? Well, I tackled the 12 years of snapshots and actually managed to get them into albums, sorted chronologically and/or disposed of through Christmas 2002.

Tomorrow night we're having the first of what I hope will be many monthly meetings of the "St. Cecilia Society," dedicated to potluck dinners and family music-making. This means, of course, that I am in an angry, anxious panic about my dirty messy house and whether we will have enough food.

So did I start cleaning, grocery-shopping and cooking? No, fools, I spent an hour laying out and printing an elaborate lyrics booklet complete with cover art. I actually do feel a little better.

My mother had an excellent question, which I will pose to my two readers:
Why are people suddenly so enamored of stories about spelling bees, when at the same time they don't even try to spell anything right?

I myself am particularly concerned about the apostrophe problem, which in my opinion has reached epidemic proportions. It is so consistently inserted where it should not be, and left out where it should, it really makes me wonder if people are doing it on purpose.

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