Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Like Proust's Madeleine

When R. and I were newlyweds, we briefly worked in the same office in DC. There was a kind of bizarre lunch spot near the office called "Fast Break." Our boss could never remember the correct name and always called it "Lunch Break" or "Fast Track." I say it was kind of bizarre because they served a concoction called "Sausage Kimchi Bap" which consisted of rice, kimchi and kielbasa. But not that bizarre, because damn if this was not an incredibly satisfying lunch which I ate as often as I could without my husband becoming alarmed/mocking me.

Wegmans has abruptly stopped carrying brown basmati rice, so I had to buy a big bag of some kind of Thai short-grain brown rice instead. When I was scraping the rest of not-so-little-R.'s curry off the plate (and into my mouth) before I put it in the dishwasher, something in the sense memory part of my brain screamed "Sausage Kimchi Bap"! And I knew that I would have to make it myself, because there are no Korean restaurants around here, let alone Korean-Polish restaurants.

I bought a jar of kimchi at Whole Foods today (I looked into making kimchi from scratch and I'm sorry but, it's Christmastime and I have a life). I'm very excited to gaze into a bowl of Sausage Kimchi Bap and say lovingly, "We meet again...."

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